CHALLENGE 4000 2019
CHALLENGE 4000 2019

The Journey

Welcome to the journey page.

Our cunning plan is to drive 5 vehicles from the UK to the smiling country of the Gambia, on the west coast of Africa.

It is our aim to leave Scotland on the 16th of December and sail from portsmouth on the 17th of December 2019 and arrive in the Gambia around the 3rd of January 2020.

Our route will take us through 6 (7 if you count Scotland) countries





and The Gambia


our intrepid explorers will face all sorts of hardship.....UK motorways, the french motorways, the wonders of crossing into west Africa with its customs and never-ending bureaucracy, the border crossings I could go on but I wont!


We are now catching the Eurotunnel to france, there was talk of some of the team not looking forward to the Bay of Biscay in winter,

Driving down through france and Spain to the port of Algeciras near Gibraltar we then catch a ferry to Tangiers Med in Northern Morocco,

Our first stop in Morroco will be Marrakech we will do 2 nights and enjoy the delights of the Souk.

The next destination will be south of the Atlas Mountains at either Tiznet or further south.

The next day we head for the Bedouin camp north of Layyone in western Sahara. Where we will spend 2 nights here and if the timing is right celebrate Christmas day.

Then we will be heading south towards the Mauritainan border this could take 2 days, as at each road junction or town there is a checkpoint.

Crossing the border can take a day or it can take 3 hours!

Depending on the time it takes we might camp at the Gare Du Nord petrol station, or if we are lucky make it to the Capital of Mauritaina Nouakchott.

The following days destination is Senagal and the paradise that is Zebrabar near St louis, again if the timings work we will be there for New Years Eve and New Years Day

The penultimate  day on the road will be heading through Senagal to the Border with The Gambia, 

The final day will be crossing the Gambia river and arriving in Banjul.




Nothing like a short drive in the desert!

Early start Mauritaina.

Zebrabar Senegal

Paradise in the chaos that is West Africa

Crossing the Gambia river.

More chaos!

Mushroom lorry


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