CHALLENGE 4000 2019
CHALLENGE 4000 2019


5th August 17
Meeting held today, over 4 hours, lots to discuss, many jobs to do, but all heading in the right direction. We are now sorting how many and type of vehicles (1 HUGE surprise in store... if all goes well!) Also the team has been discussed, but not finalised, till vehicles sorted out. So far confirmed team members are Charlie Denny, Vicky Lang, Fiona Nelson, Finlay Hutton, Kim Bowskill & Maggie Styche. There are other team members, but not possible to announce them yet. Some are waiting for confirmation of holiday time from work, also till we confirm final number of vehicles, number for the team can not be finalised . Confirmed 3 vehicles, but possible 5. We have decided 5 vehicles will be the maximum for this challenge. More info to follow.....

4th october 17

Currently the vehicle Vicky and I should be taking is in doubt, I applied to VW Netherlands to get a new set of keys and to have them coded to the car.

About a 3 weeks ago I received a troubling Email from the original dealer who supplied the car, it went "missing" in 2013 and please could I contact the police here in the UK.

So taking their advice I had a chat with one of our friendly local chaps who said he would do some enquiries and get back to me......yep within 12 hours I received another email confirming the car is reported as stolen, at the moment we are in limbo, my friendly policeman has contacted the relevent people and is awaiting a reply.
so at the moment we might be looking at another vehicle to take with us.

21st January 2018,

well the Touran has gone, it turns out the car was bought on finance in 2011/12 the keeper then flitted to Scotland and then forgot to keep paying for the car!

After about 50 emails too and from them VW finacial services picked the car up last week, even a hint that I might be able to put in an offer fell on deaf ears,

so Vicky and I are now back looking for a replacement vehicle.

28th march 2018,

you might have noticed a few changes, we have renamed the trip to Challenge 4000, there are reasons but I will not go into them here,

Vicky and I are currently on the look out for a "small" fire appliance, something in the up to 7.5 ton size this is to try and provide the Gambian fire and rescue service with a fast response vehicle.

3rd April 2018

4000 Mile challenge
Many of you are looking for ways to support the big event ‘Challenge 4000’.
We will be travelling from Scotland to Gambia with 4 or more vehicles. The main vehicle is going to be a road rescue unit. Which will be fully equipped to deal with road accidents and emergency medical trauma. Sadly Gambia’s road are dangerous, with speeding, hazards – donkeys, cattle, children etc and some very dodgy driving in overcrowded vehicles to say the least! This in turn leads to a lot of road accidents and fatalities. We know from discussions with the Gambia Fire Service that their capabilities to deal with road traffic accidents effectively is hampered from lack of the correct vehicle and equipment. Also, non of the vehicles are geared up for emergency medical trauma. We are planning to buy and kit out an appropriate vehicle and drive it over and donate it to the Gambian Fire Rescue Service …….

This is where our supporters can help, we need to fundraise. Our big fundraiser we hope will raise enough funds to buy the vehicle, which we would like to do this year, so we can prepare it for the big event in December 2019. So can YOU HELP?

The idea of this fundraiser is to have people sponsored to walk, swim, jog, cycle the 4000 miles collectively. If we can raise £1.00 for every mile, we can buy the vehicle. We will also be looking for sponsors for each vehicle to get them there, but we are hoping to raise some company sponsorship for this area. BUT for now lets get the Rescue Unit bought.

So, who is going to volunteer? You can set your own target be it swim 10 miles before the target end date of 31st August 2018. Or maybe you can cycle 200 miles before then, can any of you runners cover a 100 miles in the 4 month period, can you and your child walk/toddle a mile for an entry fee of £1.00 each and help raise awareness? Contact me let me know what it is you want to do to help and we will send you all necessary sponsor forms and details. Remember what ever your target we need you to raise £1.00 for every mile you complete. Any extra funds raised by individuals will go into the pot to buy the equipment to kit the rescue vehicle.


26 april 2018

we have our first sponsors on board, Inveraray Jail, Kyntyre Gin and the George hotel Inverarary.


4th of June 2018

Things are going on in the background,

Fiona Raised £500 by going on a sponsored walk,

Kim Raised £48 doing a car boot sale,

I spent several evenings last week printing letters to every single fire and rescue service in the UK. they were posted on Saturday.


16th September 18 Fiona Findlay and Keith went to Bowfest 2 weekends ago, the rattled some buckets and had a bit of success, enough money to get a vehicle about a quarter of the way to the Gambia!

16 December 18
With thanks to an anonymous donor the first vehicle has been purchased,

it is a 2007 Renault Master paitent transport vehicle, it is to be converted to a mobile clinic and will be driven to the Gambia by Vicky and Charlie.

16 December 18

the other news is that 4 more vehicles are in the pipeline. Another ambulance, a 4x4 and a road rescue unit.

4 January 19
The Ambulance Vicky and Charlie have Purchased is to be named Robert in Memory of Vicky's Father who sadly passed away at the start of November,

This is with kind permisson of both Vicky her sister Helen and Mother Helen snr.

4 January 19
and in other news bookins have been made and accepted both at Camp bedouin in southern Morocco and at auberge simaraa in Nouakchott in Mauritaina.

1 April 19

We held a big team meeting over the weekend, with 13 members of the team able to make it. One of the big things we wanted to do, was for the team to meet some of our sponsors. Inveraray Jail are sponsoring Challenge 4000 to get the emergency vehicles from Scotland to Gambia. Each vehicle will need £1500. The Jail's sponsorship covers a good part of that and we are totally delighted with their support and looking forward to a few 'adventures' involving them...… watch this space , as they say! We managed to get 2 of the ambulances parked up right outside the front door, took a wee bit of manoeuvring! The team then had a tour round this fab visitor attraction. We managed to put the 'screws' on Charlie, we listened to the Judge in the courtroom and followed a case. We met both warders and saw our way round the old prison, followed by a stretch in the exercise yard!! The motley crew were locked up, we nearly threw away the key!!! Then off round the new prison and seeing the differences over the years to the conditions for prisoners. Huge difference over the years! Well worth a visit if any of our supporters are in the area. Thank you to all the staff at the jail for making our visit a good one and also for letting that motley lot out again!!

20th of July 19

we have lost 1 driver for the full trip, however I put out a plea for help via several avenues including the off road page I am a member of, I had several intrested people reply, I would like to welcome Dougie Feltham from Lochgelly on board, he is going to help drive Robert from Scotland to Marrkesh,
I would also like to Welcome Neil Mitchell who is going to drive from Inverary to Banjul with us.

We have our third vehicle, this is another Renault Master ambulance and is Doug and Rose's home from home for the trip. More details to follow.

21st of August 2019

We now have an extra couple of drivers I would like to welcome both Donald Stewart and Kim Wrighton,
Donald will be doing the whole journey, Kim will be meeing us in southern Spain.
we now have our fourth vehicle. a Land rover Discovery this vehicle will be donated to the Gambian fire and sea rescue,

23rd of Septemeber 2019

I would like to welcome Grahame Ross onto the team, A chance meeting at a campsite between Fiona and Grahame ended up in a conversation along the lines of "were do I sign up!"

we have our last vehicle another Renault Master ambulance photos to follow

Fiona and I did a talk to the Braemar Rural last thursday this raised a sum of £100 as a donation to the trip and another £36 in the bucket, this will go towards a large tub of engine oil for the 3 scottish based ambulances, thank you to all the ladies at the rural
I would like to thank the castleton dancers for another donation of the same amount both of these have gone to the cost of driving Robert down.

we have also been affected by the crash of Thomas Cook, a lot of the team were booked to return on verious filghts back from the Gambia, Vicky and I thankfully booked the trip on a credit card so should get the whole booking back in the meantime I got up at 4am to see what the outcome was regarding TC and booked us on Royal air Maroc via Casablanca.

our point of departure from the UK has had to change, some of the team expressed concern about crossing the Bay of Biscay in winter on a ferry ( it can be hit or miss)
we are now going to depart the UK via the Euro-tunnel, this means we have 3 extra nights accomodation, it also means we are going to depart Scotland on the 15th of December our first night will be in Penrith so most of the team can meet up.
Doug, Rose and Becky are going to meet us at the tunnel terminal on Monday 16th of December.

we will cross into france and stay outside Calais the second night, the third night will be in Bordeaux and 4th night will be outside Salamanca in Spain.

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