CHALLENGE 4000 2019
CHALLENGE 4000 2019

Getting Involved

We are looking for people to come with us, we recommend a team of two,

you will need to provide your own vehicle, it must be left hand drive if you are going to donate it to the charity at the end of the trip.

this not a problem if you decide to use your own vehicle is this is the case there are two options:

drive down and drive back this means you can take a different route home and see the sights.


Drive down ship your vehicle back and fly home, the disadvantage with this is you are without your vehicle for a time.

the vehicle can be anything you want, there is no need for a 4x4 as most of the roads down are tarmac, (our team, Vicky and Charlie, intended on taking a VW Touran but discovered that it was reported "missing" in 2013 and has now been returned to its rightful owner. we are looking to take a fire engine!) the most popular makes to take are Mercedes, Toyota or Mitsubishi,

each team MUST be self sufficient should something happen, however we will pool resources if needs be,
each team will have to fund their trip the main costs being fuel and ferries, £2000 per Vehicle is what we are working on. there is also a chance that you might have to pay an import tax in the Gambia so bank on a possible £1000 more!

you will also have to find your way back to the UK from Banjul so an air ticket helps!!

personal spending money is useful as well.


each team will have made a committment by the 31st of December 2018 this will be in the form of a deposit of £100

please contact myself (charlie) through the website contact form if you are intrested.






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