CHALLENGE 4000 2019
CHALLENGE 4000 2019

Aim of the Journey

To drive from Scotland to Gambia and deliver 3 or more vehicles to be used in Gambia.

The main vehicle will be a road rescue unit, fully kitted out and with full emergency trauma kit.

Due to the number of road traffic accidents and fatalities in Gambia we felt it an appropriate and much required vehicle to donate to the Gambian Fire Rescue service.

The next vehicle will be a large passenger carrying van, which will be used as a ‘gilli’ gilli’ (local transport) in the Foni and Jarrol area. It will be available as a community bus for outings, football teams etc also to transport medical emergencies to hospital if required. When not being used for community use it will run as a ‘gilli gilli’ to earn some money to cover its on going up keep and driver.

The other vehicles have not been decided yet, but all will have a purpose, even if it is to sell it in Gambia to raise funds for the project.



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